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Life Coaching

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and we don't know where to begin unpacking and sorting out the chaos. It can be hard. We all want to have control over our lives. We all want to be happy and enjoy the little moments without stress keeping them from us. You may want greater financial security, closer relationships [...]

Other & Unexplained Issues

Each of us lives with internal conflicts and sometimes these conflicts manifest themselves externally.  RTT is an alternative healing method that allows you to explore your subconscious mind and form new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings towards almost anything in your life. Are you suffering with behavioural issues as a result of childhood problems? [...]


To stop smoking you must first stop fooling yourself! Let me explain. Most people feel that having a cigarette is relaxing and that they deserve it because life is hard. So, they light up, inhale a deep breath of smoky pleasure and are left feeling satisfied and well rewarded. In the immediate this is true.  [...]

Health & Wellbeing

We all want to be in good physical and mental condition, comfortable, healthy and happy. So, whether you are wanting to lose weight, relieve skin conditions or cease having nightmares; RTT can help you. Do you feel tired all the time? Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you battling with memory and concentration? Do you [...]

Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is defined as a mental disorder characterized by abnormal eating habits that negatively affect a person's physical or mental health. These disorders can lead to health complications and further interfere with your everyday activities. Let me help you; whether you suffer with anorexia - where you eat very little and have a [...]

Fears & Phobias

A fear is generally based on an object or situation whereas phobias are a persistent fear for longer than six months, ranging from fears about specific objects or situations to social phobia and agoraphobia. Fears and phobias are difficult to live with as the affected person will have significant distress, possibly even panic attacks, and [...]

Behaviours & Emotions

Behavioural and emotional disorders are immensely difficult to deal with whether they are your own or a loved ones


A momentary feeling of anxiety is exactly how we should feel when faced with an unknown surprise within our immediate environment. It’s our autonomic nervous system - part of the nervous system - that rings the alarm bells and alerts us to assess whether we’re in danger and need to fight or give flight (sympathetic [...]


“Hurt people hurt people” - Will Bowen Often when one feels the need to hurt another person physically or emotionally is a sign that they are hurting inside. The need to be in control is a sign of feeling out of control… and when someone is stuck in a behaviour of rage, they don't recognise [...]


A dependency on substances or activities despite being aware of or having experienced negative consequences is called addiction. Many addictions can be corrected through the wonderful work of hypnotherapy as they often stem from deep seated unmet needs; it is not simply a weakness. Addicts believe that they can control their compulsions, but in fact, [...]