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Source: The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)


Source: The Stress Management Society


Source: The Calm Zone, CALM Guides


Change Your Inner Dialogue

Destress Adult Colouring


Motivational Posters

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Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

Love Languages: Acts of Service

Love Languages: Physical Touch

Love Languages: Spending Quality Time with Others

Love Languages: Spending Quality Time with Yourself

Relationship with the Self: Changing Your Inner Dialogue.

Relationship with the Self: Don’t Listen to Everything You Hear!

Relationship with Self-Talk: Rebecca’s Story Part II. Where would you like to begin your coaching journey?

Relationship with the Self: Rebecca’s Story Part I. Personal Life Coaching can help.

Setting yourself up for achieving your goals. Let Quandary Pond help you.

Never experienced being hypnotised? Listen to this short recording to find out more.

Relaxation on YouTube

Animal Sounds

Celtic Sounds

Meditation Sounds

Peaceful Sounds

Shamanic Sounds


Educational/ Inspirational videos
Lisa Feldman Barrett | TED: Your Brain Creates Emotions
Jack Canfield | E(vents) + R(esponse) = O(utcome)
Trevor Maber | TED Ed: Rethinking thinking
Self Help For Life | The Law of Vibration Explained: How to Make It Work Wonders for You
Jack Canfield: E(vents) + R(esponse) = O(utcome)
Trevor Maber | TED Ed: Rethinking thinking
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