To stop smoking you must first stop fooling yourself! Let me explain.

Most people feel that having a cigarette is relaxing and that they deserve it because life is hard. So, they light up, inhale a deep breath of smoky pleasure and are left feeling satisfied and well rewarded. In the immediate this is true. 

But what are smokers really doing to themselves for this brief moment of pleasure? 

Most studies will tell you that nicotine and other chemicals (horrendous substances you wouldn’t put in your cup of coffee by the way) leave your body after two days so it’s probably not a chemical addiction.

But what about the psychological addiction? The physical habit of reaching into your pocket or handbag for that all too familiar packet and that heightened awareness of panic when you can’t find it; the routine habit and sense of urgency of having a cigarette at a certain time, with coffee or after a plate of food.

In the long-term, tobacco affects the mind too. Nicotine encourages the brain to switch off its own mechanism for creating naturally occurring Dopamine so that in the long term the supply decreases, which in turn prompts people to smoke more. And, of course, the feeling of relaxation as a result of Nicotine is temporary, leading to cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Our unconscious minds are the keepers of memories that our conscious minds have often forgotten about. Your conscious mind might remember how much you adored your father when you were little but your unconscious mind remembers that he used to smoke, it remembers the smell of the cigarette and how you enjoyed spending many happy hours with him. The unconscious mind bands all these aspects together and tucks them away, keeping these precious memories safe. Hypnosis is a great way to put the conscious mind to rest, for just a little while, so that you can safely explore these precious memories and realise that you can still have the happy memories without needing to smoke.

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