“Hurt people hurt people” – Will Bowen

Often when one feels the need to hurt another person physically or emotionally is a sign that they are hurting inside. The need to be in control is a sign of feeling out of control… and when someone is stuck in a behaviour of rage, they don’t recognise their conduct as being out of control.

Children and teenagers struggle the most to articulate what it is that is causing this worrying behaviour, partly because they don’t consciously know what it is and partly because they don’t have the vocabulary to express it.

If you consider what exhibiting anger does to your internal organs, nerves and muscles, as well as your facial expressions, who wouldn’t want a more calm and tranquil mind permanently?

I don’t have to tell you how your face starts off with a ‘harmless’ frown while your head fills with tension, the muscles around your eyes pull as your eyes narrow, your jaw takes the strain with the clenching together of your teeth, your lips pierce tight and your chin and neck start to ache – you look positively EVIL.

Have you looked in the mirror at yourself at this stage of anger? This is what the people around you – your family – is seeing. I bet, if you did look in the mirror, you wouldn’t like yourself either!

So, if that’s all going on the outside imagine – no better still, FEEL for yourself – what’s going on the inside of your body. Veins contract and you starve your heart, brain and other organs of vital oxygen fuelled blood. No points for guessing who’s getting the short end of the straw here?! And it’s not the person or situation you’re angry at!

I specialise in ANGER RELEASE. I help people understand where and why the behaviour developed and I help them release it, permanently. You can gain a clear resolve through deep relaxation and safe guided regression. The Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) method can help reach the underlying, raw reason and cause. When this is identified and understood, positive action can be taken to change the behaviour.

My own journey –

Now I know few people have compassion for those who deal out discipline too harshly, exhibit bullying behaviours or even go so far as to lash out at loved ones; that’s because they have not walked a single step in your shoes, never mind the proverbial mile.

I didn’t get this out of some book, all I had to do was remember exactly the way I used to behave and reactions to my behaviour. It took me years to hear what other people were saying and recognise the triggers because I was in denial. When I did eventually ‘hear’ what other people were saying and ‘see’ my behaviour I was able to take responsibility and treat it for what it was.

My journey took nothing short of ten years, so believe me when I tell you that RTT can fast track your recovery at warp speed and believe me when I tell you that your subconscious mind knows exactly when it all started.

Fortunately, I am one of the lucky ones. I have better relationships with the people around me and previously damaged relationships have been restored. I don’t think there is anything more important than seizing that opportunity of a second chance in life to put things right.

It may take as little as one session, with my guidance, for you to uncover and understand how this came about. That said, if you’ve been practising this behaviour for a while, it may take a little while, and some commitment on your part, for you to reprogram that behaviour. Your commitment is important here, but the good news is that it can be changed!

If you want to be a better version of yourself, give me a call and we can talk about your desired outcome and the process to get there…