A dependency on substances or activities despite being aware of or having experienced negative consequences is called addiction. Many addictions can be corrected through the wonderful work of hypnotherapy as they often stem from deep seated unmet needs; it is not simply a weakness. Addicts believe that they can control their compulsions, but in fact, their brains’ have been rewired and they are no longer in control of their nagging impulses.

It is important to know that people from all backgrounds at any age can become addicted to a number of substances or activities; and that, essentially, addiction is an illness that affects an entire family – not just the person struggling with it.

There is no need to walk the path alone, I can help you work through supporting an addict and/ or an addiction to alcohol, drugs, over the counter pharmaceuticals, nicotine, food, gambling, shopping, work and sex.

If you don’t see your issue listed above it does not mean that RTT can’t help you. Give me a call!