Other & unexplained issues

Each of us lives with internal conflicts and sometimes these conflicts manifest themselves externally. Don’t dismiss what can’t be explained. The way you feel may be a complete mystery to you, but unearthing the cause can bring much needed relief.

Are you suffering with behavioural issues as a result of childhood problems? Are you struggling with low confidence levels and low self-esteem as an adult? Are you panicking about your studies or your career? Are you looking for ways to manage unnecessary guilt? Do you have bad habits that you know are negatively affecting your daily life but you just can’t shake them? Are you suffering with infertility and the medical treatments are not working? Do you struggle with forming personal relationships and bonds? Do you think you might have trust issues? Do you find it hard to save money? Or do you feel guilty about wanting or having more money than others?

Together, we can come to terms with your emotions and behaviours and form better responses and habits.

Both Rapid Transformational Therapy and/or Life Coaching offer substantial benefits to a range of issues, challenges or simply the feeling of being ‘stuck’. If what you are experiencing isn’t mentioned here please feel free to get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

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