A momentary feeling of anxiety is exactly how we should feel when faced with an unknown surprise within our immediate environment. It’s our autonomic nervous system – part of the nervous system that rings the alarm bells and alerts us to assess whether we’re in danger and need to fight or give flight (sympathetic nervous system). If either of these responses are appropriate then chemicals and hormones are released into our body to turbo charge the energy supply and increase our power to deal with the imminent danger. Once we’ve used up the extra energy on resolving the physical threat our body retreats into a rest response (parasympathetic nervous system) and everything goes back to normal… our breathing slows, our body cools down and our minds are able to reconnect with everything around us.

But what happens to adrenaline that is not stimulated by situations that require a fight or flight response, but rather by the stresses of our day to day lives where that adrenaline is not used? Over time these chemicals and hormones build up and become an embodied experience, which only needs the slightest trigger for the sensations to be repeated time and time again. Many people overlook the seriousness of anxiety on our mental health, but many psychologists believe that it can be just as harmful as physical abuse.

Both Rapid Transformational Therapy and/or Life Coaching offer substantial benefits to a range of issues, challenges or simply the feeling of being ‘stuck’. If what you are experiencing isn’t mentioned here please feel free to get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

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