The Fire Within: Understanding Anger and its Resonating Energy

28/08/2023by Terry White

Anger is a complex and powerful emotion. It has the potential to ignite great change or fully consume us, but by understanding it and harnessing its energy positively, we can navigate its transformative power and cultivate healthy ways of expressing and channelling it.

From mild irritation to explosive rage, anger often emerges when our boundaries are violated or when we perceive an injustice or unfairness. A gentle anger can be a formidable catalyst for change and suppressed anger can lead to emotional and physical health issues, while uncontrolled anger can have detrimental effects on our well-being and relationships, impair decision-making, and escalate conflicts.

The energy that resonates with anger is intense, often overwhelming, fiery and volatile. The surge of heightened emotions and physiological responses of this primal emotion demands attention and action. But it’s important to remember in these moments that while anger is a natural and valid emotion, the way it’s expressed can have a significant impact. Learning healthy ways to channel and manage the energy of anger is essential for personal growth and maintaining healthy connections with others.

Here are just a couple of ways that you can begin to understand and manage your anger:

  • Be self-aware: Begin by cultivating self-awareness around your anger triggers, physical sensations, and behavioural patterns.
  • Self-care and emotional regulation: practice deep breathing, mindfulness, or physical activities to release pent-up energy and gain clarity before responding.
  • Boundaries: establish clear boundaries that protect your physical and emotional space, ensuring that your needs are respected and honoured.
  • Reflection and perspective: take a step back and reflect on the underlying causes of your anger. Will your response align with the situation’s significance?
  • Communication: choose your words carefully, express your feelings constructively without resorting to aggression or blame.
  • Seek support: consider seeking support from a therapist who can guide you through anger management techniques and provide valuable insights.
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Don’t feel like you have a grip on your anger?

Our Stepping Up programme will give you a good understanding of why and how this is happening and gives you the skills to take control. We will assess your Current Operating Profile of Energy and delve into the seven levels of energy that can empower you to move forward.

* Adapted from the works of Bruce D Schneider, Ph. D., the founder and CEO of iPEC – Energy Leadership™.

But we also offer the Anger Release Motivator (A.R.M) programme, providing clarity around who you are being currently and gives you the tools to become the person you really want to be, making anger A Nobly Guided Energy Release instead of a Negatively Guided Energy Release.

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Terry White