How To Stay On Track With Your New Thinking

15/05/2022by Terry White0

We’ve talked a bit about how to change A Negatively Guided Energy Release to a healthier and more positive way of using anger, but how do we sustain A Nobly Guided Energy Release of such a powerful emotion?

One way you can do this is to see ANGER differently.


How can we reframe ANGER?

What if you were able to see ANGER as something separate from you? Something that is not part of you?

Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t take responsibility for your actions, those that arise from your unleashed and unquelled emotion of ANGER. Of course you are responsible for the consequences of your actions! But what if you were to look at the ANGER as you start to feel it? If you can feel it, you can identify it, and with curiosity, wonder what its purpose in that moment might be?

Let’s look at ANGER as a messenger from the deep.

What is the messenger trying to tell you?

Imagine that ANGER is just the first door to the underworld, your underworld. What lies behind this door? When you slowly open this door what do you see? Is it possible that behind this door lies clearly labelled boxes marked: FEAR, FRUSTRATION, INJUSTICE, RESENTMENT, BLAME, DISSAPPOINTMENT, EMBARRESSMENT?

Allow us to digress a little here. Many of us have experiences through our lifetime that we don’t like or are not proud of. These are the experiences we tend to box away in our subconscious mind so that we don’t have to see it or deal with it.

Let’s say your subconscious mind has an idea that you are now skilled and mature enough to see what you ‘put away’ and sends out the messenger, but you are not in the habit of looking at your emotions too deeply because you don’t realise that you do now have the tools and maturity to deal with what lies beneath, so it persists and persists until you do.

So, back to the message… Once you’ve identified the right box, gently open it up to reveal what lies behind the label.


The message is an opportunity

Are you seeing now how ANGER can be an opportunity for discovery?

Sit down with yourself, know that you are safe in your adulthood, look at what is really behind the ANGER in those little boxes you’ve packed away so tidily and labelled for easy identification. Acknowledge that it’s no longer relevant to who you are now and quite ready to be released from your storage room to make space for new and wonderful memories.

In order to recognise your triggers and practice making anger A Nobly Guided Energy Release you must allow yourself to feel the emotion and accept that only you can change the situation. Let’s explore this a little bit more in the video below.

Terry White

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