The Importance of Recognising Your Triggers

10/02/2022by Terry White

The short of it is that when you’re able to recognise what prompts an anger response in you, you’re better able to predict your reaction and make the choice not to respond in your usual angry way of…

A Negatively Guided Energy Release


Let’s begin by exploring some perceived injustices.

Are you quick to anger when the traffic is slow, or you hit a red light when you’re running late for an important meeting?

Are you jealous when a work colleague seems too always be happy-go-lucky, relaxed, and popular while you are tired, stressed and unhappy? Do you get upset when your superior hands you more work to do when the same colleague doesn’t seem to be getting any more work given to them?

Do you get angry when you arrive home from work to find that chores still need doing even though other family members have been home for a few hours? Are you triggered by the thought that all the chores should have been done before you arrived home?

With these examples – and many more of your own that have come to mind – how much do you feel these people or situations have wronged you?

The question is, have they really?

When you feel yourself getting angry, ask yourself; “What is really being done wrong to me?” Is it an actual wrong where someone has perpetrated a crime towards you or is it a perceived wrong where nothing has really happened to you but rather you are looking outward to blame something or someone for your own shortcomings? – you didn’t get up earlier to miss the traffic, you’d love to be in your colleagues shoes, you feel disrespected, not cared for or thought of by your family, unloved or used?


Every situation you find yourself in that triggers anger has a deeper layer than what it appears to be on the surface. Asking these questions can help you acknowledge the real reason behind your feelings and thus your response to them. Knowing this and talking through what’s bothering you is the start to having a more positive reaction to the negative emotions. With a little skill and practice we can all make A.N.G.E.R …

A Nobly Guided Energy Release


Let’s have a look here at one of the best ways to change your thinking from negative to noble!

Terry White