Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

09/12/2021by Terry White

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According to the Huffington Post, the Love Language of Receiving Gifts is one of the rarest.



If your primary Love Language is Receiving Gifts you probably already know that, for some people, receiving gifts is the most impactful expression of love they experience.

It’s often thought that gifts are materialistic but really those little items you present may hold a lot of sentimental value. It lets them know that you listen, care and are thinking of them beyond the item itself. It’s about the intangible aspects of gift-giving more than the tangible, and the monetary value of the presents they receive is not the primary focus.

They not only cherish the treasure the items presented, but rather delight in the element of surprise, the thrill of unwrapping, and the memories created. So, be sure to give gifts that come from the heart.



Here are a few affordable ideas:

  • Buy their favourite flowers
  • Pack a small gift in their work bag
  • Add a chocolate to the lunch pack
  • Come home with their favourite dessert
  • Make them a mix playlist of their favourite songs
  • Surprise them with a present on an obscure holiday
  • Purchase a simple gift that they’ve been wanting for a while
  • Create a photo album of your favorite memories or frame your latest photo


December is a time for giving. It’s a month in which we celebrate those we love and appreciate around us – whether it’s giving a family member a Christmas present, a teacher a little thank you token before the holidays get underway or a donation to a cause you believe in.

Let’s finish off the year on a good note!


Do the Love Language quiz by Gary Chapman at The Love Language™ Quiz ( and find out whether your primary Love Language is Receiving Gifts.

Terry White