Love Languages: Spending Time with Others

23/09/2021by Terry White

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While spending time by ourselves is hugely beneficial to our mental wellbeing, the recent lockdowns have demonstrated just how important spending Quality Time with family and friends is to us too.

Alone time helps us discover who we are and what we want in the world but spending time with others can lighten our moods and make us feel happier. It provides a sense of belonging and allows us to confide in others. Two-way communication is good for the soul.

Spending time together

Finding a good balance of alone time and time with loved ones goes a long way to reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

So, what exactly does Quality Time entail?

It could be anything you enjoy doing together. A cup of tea and conversation, sun and silence in each other’s company, brunch and a walk in the park, lunch and window shopping, or pizza and a movie on the couch.


No topic is too big or too small.

  • Ask them about their day and tell them about yours.
  • How is their tribe?
  • How are their kids doing at school?
  • What projects are they working on?
  • Maybe you’ve read the same book you can comment on. Or watched a doccie you both found interesting.

Be Mindful

Next time you’re in good company, be in the moment. Focusing your attention on the present moment has been found to reduce stress and increase happiness. But more than that, you demonstrate how much you appreciate the time of others… and that’s real love.

Who reaches out to who?

If you enjoy someone’s company it doesn’t matter who starts the conversation first. Don’t always expect others to make the first move. Put your Quality Time request into action!


If you have trouble being mindful or you suffer from social anxiety, Quandary Pond can help. Get in touch and let’s have a chat before you make any commitments.


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Terry White