Being On Purpose

18/02/2021by Terry White

Mindfulness, being present, being inflow, being on purpose…

In a way you could say this means doing something deliberately, but to my mind ‘being on purpose’ is living in sync with your ultimate BIG goal.

‘How do you know what your BIG goal is?’ I hear you ask.

Well, one way to figure it out is to sit quietly – preferably with your eyes closed – and imagine that you have all the money in the world (note: you don’t have to be concerned about how you’re going to make anything happen). Just allow your mind to drift into images and scenarios of what makes you feel the happiest. Happiness for you might by some adrenaline pumping activity or it may just be sitting quietly amongst some of the tallest trees in the world, listening to the wind rustling gently in the treetops. At some point you will feel your emotions take over, the thinking mind will be at rest and you will embrace your visual and emotional experience. You may feel the heaviness of life lift from your shoulders as you breath more easily. You may feel tears of joy stream down your face. You may find yourself smiling for no apparent reason. Either way you will feel at peace. That is the feeling of ‘being on purpose’.

Now remember that feeling. Quietly engage your thinking mind and explore career paths that you could forge for yourself that would tether that wonderful, beautiful, magical feeling of ‘being on purpose’. Finding a profitable activity to do while ‘being on purpose’ may take more than one occasion of opening your creative mind to ideas, but don’t let this stop you.

When you find, with your heart, that ‘thing’ that will enable you to ‘be on purpose’, the next step is, again, to ‘BE on purpose’. Keep that image in focus and cultivate those happy emotions – this is what will drive you to achieve and succeed. The more involved your journey becomes the more fun you can have and the more ‘locked in’ you will become to achieving your objective. Make every action from that moment of finding your purpose be in service of your ultimate BIG goal.

It’s my opinion that not knowing where you are going in life is a trigger for all the worries and woes of the world. Worries and woes will hijack your purpose. The further away you move from your purpose the more anxious you become. Again, keep envisioning your end goal and the path to finding it will appear.

Terry White