How Committed Are You to Your Aspirations for The New Year?

15/12/2020by Terry White

How many of us set New Year’s resolutions every year but break them within the first two weeks and never recover? Sure, they’re a great way to kickstart the year on the right foot, but how do you beat the odds and meet your goals?

Now is about the time to start thinking about your resolutions, if you’re going to set any. And whether you’re trying to break a habit, create a new routine or anything in between, you’re going to have to deal with how to get there. The key? Motivation.

To be successful in achieving your goals you really need to look for the big WHY. Why do you want to stop smoking? Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want to make more me-time for the things you enjoy?

Now remember this every time you pick up a cigarette or get stuck on the couch. Understanding why you’ve chosen a particular goal and the potential impact of your efforts will provide you with the motivation you need to work harder – or at the very least keep going.


And these are just a few more things you can do to help stay motivated throughout the year:

1. Change the way you talk to yourself – be positive and encouraging. Think and speak as if you’d already achieved your goal. And don’t compare yourself to others.

2. Focus on the small wins. It’s the little steps, the daily achievements that will get you to the finish line. Learn to crawl before you walk, learn to walk before you run.

3. Set smart goals. Be realistic and honest with yourself about what you will be able to achieve. Anything more than that will seem insurmountable and quash your motivation.

4. Don’t do it alone. Having an accountability partner will help push you in times when giving up seems like the only option. For this, you may like to enlist the services of a Personal Life Coach who will support you through the process and assist you in creating empowering life skills.

5. Even with all this advice, consider that you may need more assistance… if you’ve repeatedly tried to stick to your resolutions in the past and you have not been successful, there may just be a deeper reason that’s stopping you from achieving your goal. An RTT hypnotherapy session may be able to help you find the cause of the issue and remove the blockage that’s holding you back, so you can move forward on firm footing.


So, what are your 2021 resolutions?

Terry White