Personal Life Coaching

22/07/2020by Terry White

Quandary Pond has been offering Rapid Transformational Therapy for many years, and now we are also able to offer Personal Life Coaching. Although it may sound like these are the same thing, they are, in fact, not at all alike.



Unlike RTT Hypnotherapy, Personal Life Coaching doesn’t delve into repressed memories. Whilst RTT uses repetitive elements of hypnotherapy to get to the core of issues and produce rapid results; Personal Life Coaching is all about facilitating understanding, focus and intention, and ultimately providing practical action plans. A life coach is also there to provide support on the development journey – through holistic and vision coaching you can find a positive way of moving forward, ultimately finding peace of mind.



Over a number of years, it has become apparent that several clients who have undergone RTT have appreciated having someone by their side when implementing new strategies to help them change old habits and behaviours. But we also understand that hypnotherapy may not be for everyone. For these people, PLC may be better suited as an approach to help find solutions and enjoy more positive life experiences.



Modern-day life is incredibly stressful and fast-paced. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and we don’t know where to begin unpacking and sorting out the chaos.

No one needs to go it alone! And although you’ll still have to do the work; a Personal Life Coach enables the creation of empowering life skills.

So, whether you’ve enjoyed an RTT session and would like more accountability with additional coaching sessions or whether you prefer stand-alone coaching sessions, find out more about how Quandary Pond can support you into a more mindful and fulfilled future.

Terry White