Are you ‘Being on Purpose’?

08/05/2020by Terry White

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reminded once again about the philosophy of ‘being on purpose’ – that is, living in sync with your ultimate BIG goal and finding happiness.

And now, as we’re all stuck at home, this is the perfect time to explore what your purpose is.

But first, why consider your life’s BIG goal?

Well, if you’re ‘being on purpose’ you are in a constant state of mindfulness and when you’re in a state of mindfulness you’re in your own business and yours alone. You will be less distracted and more focused. You will accomplish more, and those achievements will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is how you discover your purpose:

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine that you have all the money in the world. Allow your mind to drift into images and scenarios of what makes you feel the happiest and at some point you will feel your emotions take over. Your thinking mind will be at rest and you will embrace your visual and emotional experience. You will feel at peace. That is the feeling of ‘being on purpose’.

When you find what makes you happiest, ‘BE on purpose’. Quietly engage your thinking mind and explore career paths that will allow you to ‘be on purpose’. Be on purpose in all that you do. Make every action from that moment on be in service of your ultimate BIG goal.

Now remember that feeling. Cultivate those happy emotions. Keep that image in focus. This is what will drive you to achieve and succeed!

Not knowing where you are going in life is a trigger for anxiety. Don’t let your woes hijack your purpose. Just keep envisioning your end goal and the path to finding it will appear. Get ready for a life of abundance.

Terry White