Guilt: Is It Overwhelming You?

09/12/2019by Terry White

Guilt is a terrible burden, but like every human emotion it has its place.

It’s one of the worst feelings and one of the most destructive emotions in the world because it doesn’t like to be alone, becoming a magnet for other negative feelings like shame and anger. Furthermore, excessive guilt stops you from forgiving yourself and exacerbates your self-punishment.

When we find someone guilty in court, we sentence them as a punishment. When we feel guilty, we punish ourselves. Left unchecked, extreme guilt can become a life sentence.

It’s one thing to feel guilty after doing or saying something wrong or hurtful – it’s a signal from your conscience that you’ve overstepped your own sense of morality. It’s quite another to carry around an excess of unjustified guilt that can completely paralyse you with fear, worry, anxiety, humiliation and shame.

Guilt is often a learned pattern from early childhood and can interfere with the development of emotional intelligence. The good news is that feeling disproportionately guilty is a psychological habit that can be broken no matter your age!

Using hypnosis, you can uncover underlying emotions and work through the deep emotional process essential for real and lasting change. The practice creates a dissociation between you and your thoughts so that you can deal with different memories more objectively and by so doing, more easily let them go. By putting your feelings of guilt into perspective, you can begin working on becoming a more creative, self-assured, loving person.

Terry White