A Safe Space for Healing

11/07/2019by Terry White

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their surroundings. We want our environments to be open, accepting and inclusive. We want to be able to confidently express our thoughts and feelings without the fear of being ridiculed or ‘shut down’.

And in our line of work a safe space is essential for the healing process. Openness, strength and self-assurance are key to sharing fully, and thereby healing fully. Any time you walk into a therapy session you should feel that you are able to speak freely and ‘get everything out in the open’. This is exactly what Quandary Pond provides!

Now, have you ever wondered why you may have external/ physical manifestations of pain when you’re stressed or anxious? Every one of us has internal conflicts at some stage of our lives, but it can be overcome… Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT – a form of hypnotherapy) takes place in a safe space. It works with your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is resting.

One of our patients, let’s call her Amy*, came to us mid-2018 with the feeling of constant social anxiety, which in turn caused a long-term physical condition to flare up. This had led to her feeling scared all the time, staying at home, dependant on her family, with no sense of adventure. At her first RTT session her desired outcome was to feel confident again and regain that sense of adventure she had once had. She left the first session feeling positive and after only one week said, “I’ve been quite focused – listening to several audio books, reading and definitely feeling less timid around people. I spoke to a few people in shops today, which is an improvement for me. Feeling like I’m on the right track for sure”. This positive feedback continued throughout the check-in process.

A few months later Amy visited again to face her extreme fear and mistrust of self. In this session she discovered where her feelings of extreme fear and self-mistrust came from. She was surprised by the findings. Once again, Amy had only positive outcomes from her session saying, “I am finding myself more in control. I’ve been feeling more free and less fearful of being alone. I feel much more confident in my myself – going out and about. I’m starting to feel like I’ve got this now… just not as scared generally and sitting with emotion when it comes up”.

She also made the very brave decision to leave her unsupportive partner and rely more on herself, with her newfound self-confidence.

This is what Amy achieved in two Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions in our safe space.


* Name changed to protect the privacy of the individual

Terry White